Jokers Wild Video Poker – A Winning Strategy

You play Jokers Wild with a fifty three-card deck, the ordinary 52-card deck, plus a joker.

The joker is a wild card, which you may use as any card you want. This will increase the danger of getting a triumphing combination.

On average, the joker seems in approximately 메이저놀이터 one out of each ten hands, making Jokers wild an thrilling sport to play.

Keep in Mind the Following Points:

Play the Better Game – There are two versions of the Joker Wild recreation.

One model returns your wager on a -pair hand. The Jokers Wild strategy provided below is for the other (higher) game that offers returned your cash in case you HAVE a pair of kings or aces.

Always Play Maximum Coins Per Game – As the payout for five coins performed is a ways extra than five times the payout for simplest one coin.

Play at Machines that Offer a Full Pay Schedule – The full residence pay schedule for jokers wild might be a 7 / five device i.E. 7 Coins for full residence and five for the flush.

Kings or Better Joker Wild Strategy

If the Hand you’re Dealt Contains the Joker: Keep all fingers which can be three-of-a-type or better, except preserve four playing cards to the royal flush, even if it manner discarding a paying hand of decrease fee.

Always remember the fact that you’re seeking to hold the joker as a part of ANY mixture.

Keep any 4-card straight flush and a four-card flush if it includes K, A or each.

Keep three playing cards to a royal flush.

Keep a paying pair of excessive cards (King, Ace).

Keep any 3 cards to a directly flush.

Keep any 4-card flush without King or Ace.

Keep consecutive 4-card straights.

If now not dealt any of the above, maintain the Joker most effective.

If you’re dealt a Hand with out the Joker:

Keep all paying palms, besides preserve a four-card royal flush.

Keep any 4 cards to a directly flush and any 3 playing cards to a royal flush.

Keep 4 cards to any flush.

Keep any pair of two’s to Queens.

Keep any 3 cards to a directly flush.

Keep any 4-card consecutive directly.

Keep playing cards to a royal flush if one of the cards is an Ace or King.